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Most Nigerians who watch Nigerian films or youtube videos know who Tonto Dikeh is. She’s certainly a popular actress, starring in several movies annually.With big eyes, those cheekbones and a gorgeous smile, she’s also definitely pretty. Most people (we said most o!) would probably agree.

Apart from her acting, she has released a few songs like “crazically fit” and “itz ova”, with the most popular of them being “Get high”/ “Hi”, her debut single. This song was met with several negative comments on youtube amidst some praises. However, Tonto seems to be unfazed by the backlash from releasing that single, perhaps that is why she is unpertubed by many comments on both bellanaija.com and irokotv.com that diss her unnattractive accent. Maybe she thinks it’s just hate.

It is Nollyword’s theory and it may be wrong, that trying to keep up with her accent limits her acting skills. Perhaps she has gotten used to speaking this way (We highly doubt it) but that’s one bad habit she has to break if her acting is to reach its maximum potential. If she’s scared dropping the accent will make it seem she has been fake all the while, she should just remember that many people think she’s fake already. So why not surprise her fans with the real her?

Nollyword’s opinion may differ from yours or you may agree. We’d like to hear what our fellow Nollywood viewers think. Remember not to hate and please answer the poll below!

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