NollyWord believes that collectively and with constructive criticism, we can make practical suggestions to better our beloved movie industry. Will movie directors and publishers ever read our page and listen to us? We can’t be sure. However instead of voicing our opinions sporadically, we can put them in a place where they can easily be viewed collectively and perhaps make a greater impact. It’s worth a try.

NollyWord doesn’t pretend to have the only opinion that matters. This isn’t a site where people just read info. NollyWord would love essays and opinions from the public. If you send any of your essays to nollyword@yahoo.com, and they aren’t profane or abusive, they will be published on NollyWord with your name and your information if you would like. If not, you can be anonymous. Anything works. NollyWord will never take credit for your writing.

If you have any complaints about the way NollyWord is operating, or any suggestions to make it better, please voice them by sending us an email to nollyword@yahoo.com

Please take the time to answer polls and/or leave comments

And remember Naija no dey carry last!

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